Dear Valued Customer,

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for selecting Uptown Cleaning to add some sparkle to your home and give you back time to do what you enjoy. Our team delights in providing exceptional service to an incredible group of customers like you.

In order to continue to continue a service of excellence, we must abide by the following Terms and Conditions. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we seek to maintain the high standards that our wonderful community has come to expect since 2009.

With Appreciation,

The Uptown Cleaning Team

Uptown Cleaning’s Terms and Conditions for Residential Cleaning Services

Agreement Overview:

These terms and conditions (the "Agreement") constitute a legally binding agreement between Uptown Cleaning, hereinafter referred to as the "Company," and the customer, hereinafter referred to as the "Client."

The Customer hereby expressly acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and any subsequent modifications and additions to this Agreement as made available periodically at www.uptownc.com. The Company retains the right to revise the terms and conditions of this Agreement or its policies regarding the Service or Website. Such revisions will be deemed effective upon the posting of an updated version of this Agreement at any time on www.uptownc.com.

It is the Customer's responsibility to consistently review this Agreement. The Customer's ongoing use of the Service or Website following any such alterations signifies the Customer's acceptance of these changes.

Scope of Services:

The Company agrees to provide residential cleaning services as specified in the agreed-upon cleaning plan.

Any additional services requested by the Client and approved by the Company will be subject to additional charges.

Pricing and Payment:

The Client agrees to pay the agreed-upon fee for the cleaning services and have sufficient funds to do so.

Pricing is based on the dimensions of the home as provided by the Client. The Company reserves the right to make modifications to the pricing and service if an appointment was scheduled using incorrect information. A notification will be sent to the Client in this event to communicate updated pricing and the information will be updated accurately.

Pricing is based on the average condition of a home, which means that the area is not overly soiled, neglected, or infested with bugs or pests. The premises must also have electricity and water in the home to allow for satisfactory cleaning of the home.

The Company reserves the right to charge the Client for additional time based on the condition of the home and will notify the Client if additional time is needed. The Company and its personnel also reserve the right to leave the premises immediately if the premises are overly soiled or they feel unsafe, threatened, or disrespected by a customer. The Company reserves the right to charge the full amount in these incidents.

Payments are due on the day of service unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Cancellation Policy:

The Cancellation Policy is in place out of respect for our clients and our staff alike. Late cancels result in less work for our team, who rely on these appointments to provide for their families. It also results in a shuffle of the schedule for other clients. For these reasons, we must enforce the cancellation policy.

The Client must notify the Company for any cancellation or rescheduling of services, for any reason, prior to 9am the day prior to the appointment.

Failure to provide sufficient notice may result in a cancellation fee.

Access to Premises:

The Client shall provide or arrange access to the premises on the scheduled date for cleaning.

In the event of restricted access, the Client must inform the Company in advance.

Inability to access the area to be cleaned could result in a cancellation fee to compensate the Company and its personnel for the lost work.

Client's Responsibilities:

The Client is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the Company and its personnel have access to enter the premises and perform the cleaning.
  • Removing valuable items and securing pets prior to the cleaning.
  • Providing a safe, comfortable and sanitary working environment for the cleaning personnel.

Item Liability:

The Company will take all necessary precautions, but will not be held liable for damage to items that are not properly secured.

The Client is responsible for notifying the Company of any valuable or fragile items that require special attention and providing appropriate instructions to the Company via the published contact information and not to the personnel performing the service.

The Company is not liable for any damages incurred while using cleaning products or equipment designated to be used by the Client in the course of the service.

Services not performed by the Company:

In order to preserve a safe and hygienic environment for all cleaning personnel and a high level of service to its clients, the Company does not offer services to address the following:

  • Cleaning neglected or overly soiled homes, areas or items
  • Cleaning biohazards - including pet waste, bodily fluids, fecal matter, pests and mold
  • Cleaning areas that can only be reached by climbing ladders or counters
  • Cleaning the exteriors of outdoor windows
  • Grout or mold cleaning
  • Carpet/upholstery steam cleaning
  • Lifting or moving items that weigh over 20 pounds
  • Cleaning in a hostile or abusive environment

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If the Client is dissatisfied with the cleaning services, the Company will re-clean the affected areas at no additional charge.

The Client must report any issues within 24 hours of the completion of the cleaning and the re-cleaning must take place within 3 days of the service date unless otherwise specified by the Company.

The Company will not be responsible for recleaning in the event of the following incidents:

  • If an area has been cleaned and a person outside of the Company has entered and soiled the area (i.e. a company performing a moving service).
  • If work is being done on the property simultaneously with the cleaning activities being carried out by the Company.
  • Causes inherent to flaws in the property such as leaks, humidity, leaks, etc. that could affect the areas that had been cleaned.
  • The condition of the premises are under extreme and constitute abnormal conditions

Right to Refuse Service:

The Company’s personnel will perform the service under safe and comfortable working conditions.

In the event that there is no electricity and the weather is either warm or cold, and Company personnel would be working at uncomfortable temperatures, the Company reserves the right to leave the premises and the customer will be subject to the full cleaning fee to compensate Company personnel.

Should a customer make a member of the Company feel threatened or otherwise uncomfortable, the Company’s personnel reserves the right to leave the premises and report the incident. The Client is eligible to be charged the total service fee in these incidents.

Right to Obtain Original Media:

The Company reserves the right to take photos or videos of their personnel’s work product while onsite at a Client’s premises, as long as the Client’s personal information is not displayed in the picture.


The Company agrees to keep all client information and keys confidential.

Referral Fee:

The Company may charge a Referral fee of $3,000 if a current or former employee is found to be performing work outside of the Company’s relationship with the Client.

Governing Law:

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas.


The Company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions with notice to the Client.


Either party may terminate this Agreement with written notice.

Entire Agreement:

This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements.

By engaging in the services provided by Uptown Cleaning, the Client acknowledges and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.