Uptown Cleaning provides superior residential cleaning service in Uptown Dallas and surrounding areas.  We are extremely thorough, completely reliable, and quite affordable. For your security and protection, we are both bonded and self-insured. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our unique approach to residential cleaning is that we send just one member of our trained and trusted professional staff to meticulously clean your home.  No 'team cleaning' so you get an individual, personal touch each and every time. Every staffer brings everything she needs to clean - we provide all supplies and equipment.

We send a reminder email before your scheduled appointment and a follow-up email after every cleaning. You simply grant Uptown Cleaning permission to enter through your building's management office so you don't have to be home to let us in or lock up. It's all so easy!

Take a look at some of the lovely compliments we've received from our clients. Please review our rates and services and then call or email to schedule an appointment or make an inquiry.  I would love to hear from you!

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