​​​​Uptown Cleaning

4141 Office Parkway, Suite 102

Dallas, TX 75204



Our Unique Approach to Cleaning Your Home:

We send just one member of our trained and trusted professional staff to meticulously clean your home.  We send an email reminder the day before your scheduled appointment and another one to follow-up on the quality of our service. Our standard cleaning service is described below. Let me know if there's anything extra you'd like us to do and we'll be happy to take care of it.

All rooms:  
• Dust and damp-wipe all table tops, picture frames, and ceiling fans
• Sweep and mop all hard-surface floors
• Vacuum all carpets and rugs
• Remove all cobwebs and dust the window sills, ledges and blinds
• Empty and re-bag wastebaskets and remove the trash
• Remove, launder, dry, and replace sheets in the bedroom

• Clean and sanitize the toilets (base, bowl, seat, and tank)
• Clean and sanitize the sinks, faucets, door & drawer handles  
• Scrub clean and dry the tubs and showers
• Damp-wipe and dry the vanity counter tops
• Clean and shine the mirrors

• Load/run dishwasher • For weekly clients we unload the dishwasher and put your dishes away!
• Clean and sanitize counter tops
• Clean surface areas of the oven, range, and range hood including the drip pans

• Clean the microwave oven inside and out

• Damp-wipe the refrigerator doors and top
• Clean and shine the sink and faucet

Move-outs and Make-readies:
If you're moving out of your apartment and want to improve the odds of getting your deposit back, have Uptown Cleaning take care of your post-move-out cleaning after all of your furniture and belongings have been removed. We do an excellent job on move-outs and your apartment will look great for your walk-through inspection. And if you're moving in and would like to start with a spic and span apartment, have us clean it before you move in! 

Our Guarantee:
We guarantee our work.  If you’re home when our staffer has finished cleaning and something has been missed, just let her know and it will be taken care of on the spot.  If you discover we’ve missed something within 24 hours after we’ve cleaned, we’ll return and take care of it at no extra charge.  If there’s any area with which you’re not satisfied, we want to know so we can make it right!